Sample Banner Ads

Using the Banner Maker Pro's wizard-like interface, you can create banners quickly and easily. Banner Maker Pro features include:

  • Any size banner can be created.

  • Banners can be animated or static.

  • Any image or logo can be added.

  • Hundreds of backgrounds and images are available.

  • Any font can be used.

Here are examples of banners created with Banner Maker Pro, along with a short description as to how each banner was made. There is also a tutorial available on making animated banners on our tutorials web page.

These banner examples were made using the One-Step Animation process.

The one-step animation process is very simple. Create a single banner and then choose your animation to apply to the image. These banners are 468 x 60 pixels, but Banner Maker Pro can make any sized banner, including the new vertical sizes.

sample banner ad animation

This is a roll-animation. The last frame is set to display for 1.5 seconds.

sample banner ad animation with quarters

This is called the quarters animation. The last frame is set to display for 1.5 seconds, so the full banner can be read.

This is called the text only - random wiggle animation. Only the text animates for this animation.

These banners were made with the Slide Show Animation process.

This animation was made in less than 5 minutes using the Slide Show Animation. First, three individual static banners were created and saved. The three banners were then added to the slide show animation page and the animation transitions were added - Puzzle 2, Push Left, and Alpha Blend and saved. That's all there is to it.

This is another example of the slide show animation using diagonal squeeze 1 and 2. It was made by saving one static banner, changing the background, and then saving again with a different name. The two files were then combined on the slide show animation page.

These banner ad samples were made using the Frame-by-Frame Animation process.

Frame-by-Frame animations involve creating several static images and then pasting them together to create the animated image. The process is similar to how a cartoon is made.

sample slide show banner ad

This is a sample frame by frame animation  It's a very common banner type and one you will see a lot on the internet.  It's basically a series of related images put together like a slide show animation, but there is no animation between the frames.  It's limited in animation, but can hold more text, images, colors, and information. This example uses three frames and a "click here" graphic at the end. There is a tutorial on creating slide show banners here.

sample button animation

This is a 125 x 125 banner made using the text angle to rotate the text within the circle. This gif uses 8 frames - one frame for each point on a compass, with the frame with the text at 0 angle showing for 1.5 seconds on the screen. This banner also shows the difference between Firefox and Internet Explorer. IE has a minimum frame refresh of 10/100 of a second.  In Firefox, it shows correctly with a speed of 2/100 of a second. IE shows the animation much slower.

sample add a letter animation

This is a sample "Add a Letter" animation.  The trick is to create the entire text first so the text is centered, then remove one letter at a time.  Then, put the GIF files in correct order to create the banner.  In addition to adding the letters, the last frame's animation speed is set a little longer than the rest of the text to make the entire name last longer on  the screen.


These banner ad samples were made using Background Animation.

The background animation option is very easy to use. Just select the animation on the background animation and add any image, text, and/or shape.

This is a sample leader board (728 x 90) animation using the Blue Starburst animation.


This is a simple vertical banner (120 x 240) that uses the blue stripes for animation.

Combining Animations

sample frame by frame animation

This is a sample banner that combines the one step animation and frame by frame animation. It uses the random squares one step animation twice. To recreate this animation, create a banner with the random squares one step animation. Set the last frame delay to 150 and save it. Next, click on the Reverse Animation check box and then save it with a different name. Finally go to Frame by Frame animation and both animated gifs. The background used is a simple seven color gradient.

Other Banner Sizes

Banners are not limited to 468x60. There are several other standard sizes used for advertising, but banners can be any size you need. Here are some examples.

sample leaderboard banner

This is a sample leaderboard sized banner - 728x90 pixels. This size can also be used as a web header.

sample 180 x 150 banner

Here's an example of a 180x150 pixel sized banner with a gradient background. The gradient only uses 9 colors which gives it the staircase effect.

sample skyscraper banner ad

This is a sample skyscraper sized ad (160x600).