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Banner Maker Pro is proudly developed by GatorData Inc., a software/website development company based in Lutz, FL  USA.  We are positive that you will be pleased with your purchase of Banner Maker Pro and we offer a no questions asked 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee

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Banner Maker Pro History

Banner Maker Pro has been around for over 14 years!

Banner Maker Pro version 1.00 was first released in October 1999. Originally, it had no animation and a limited feature set. Each year (approximately) we have released a new version to add more features and update the style of backgrounds and images. Version 9 is the latest version and was released February 2012. Many new features have been added, including a built-in jpeg and gif cruncher, the ability to add transparent images, better quality gifs, and over 200 more images and backgrounds. In August 2005, Banner Maker Pro for Flash was released as a separate program.